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Artificial Grasss FAQ

Q: Why is synthetic turf so popular nowadays?

A: Mainly because it is so versatile. You will find artificial turf used in:
SPORT for soccer pitches, golf courses, putting greens and tennis courts;
LEISURE for backyard lawns, roof terraces, patios and swimming pool surrounds;
BUSINESS for displays, exhibition stands, contemporary office carpeting

Q: Is there a special yarn used in the manufacture of synthetic turf?

A: Yes, there are 2 yarns used: PP (polypropylene) which is hardwearing and suited to general use and PE (polyethylene) which has strong, waxy fibers and provides a ‘Low Sliding Resistance’ ideal for surface contact sports such as soccer and rugby. Artificial grass and synthetic grass made by SANMUSE mostly used PE yarns.

Q: There are so many different types of synthetic turf some called artificial grass or fake grass, some even called plastic grass, different models and styles- how do I know the right one to choose?

A: The needs of any one project can vary greatly so it’s a matter of highlighting the key points regarding the application of the turf. Different applications need different models to match, the most important factors are pile height and density (depend on the gauge and the stitch rate)
For example:
The specific use – sports, garden, landscaping, display, etc
The degree of ‘wear and tear’ expected to take place
if it’s for a sports surface, how skilled are the players

Q: Who will be using it?

A: We assist people and companies on a whole range of projects and are happy to help with queries to help you make the correct decision. Note: we supply a full solution from the court design to the artificial grass and synthetic turf installation.

Q: How long does synthetic turf last before it has to be replaced?

A: This depends upon the application of course and how much use the synthetic turf has to withstand. Our turf products carry a 8 year guarantee but with proper care and maintenance artificial turf surfaces have been known to last for up to ten years.

Q: What about maintenance?

A: There is very little to do to maintain a synthetic turf surface. The main thing is regular brushing to keep dirt and leaves off. Whether it’s a sports pitch or a back garden that’s involved, the costs involved are minimal compared to the maintenance required to natural turf surfaces.

Q: What about installation?

A: This depends upon the application. For example:
For sports applications such as soccer pitches, 5-a-side pitches, hockey pitches, tennis courts, cricket wickets, golf putting greens, etc, a professional installation is required.
For gardens and leisure use, installation is relatively easy and quick and can be done by the purchaser.

Q: If we use synthetic turf for a soccer pitch, is it more difficult to play on and can we use normal football boots?

A: The new generation of artificial carpeting gives the same ball to surface, ball to player and player to surface behavior as natural turf and, yes, normal  boots can be used on all sand-rubber infilled soccer pitches. On other synthetic turf surfaces the recommended footwear is trainers.

Q: What about surface water collecting on synthetic turf?

A: Our turf products are water permeable so surface water drains through.

Q: What’s ‘infill’ and ’sand infill’?

A: Infill is where the artificial turf is inserted with sand or a mixture of rubber and sand to help stabilize it for better performance. Sand infill refers to a specialist sand used in the same way and for the same reason.