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How to Choose Artificial Grass?

There are several aspects that you need to pay attention to when you choose/buy artificial grass:

Check the quality-Feel artificial grass
-Compare quality before price Remember that the most important factor for installing artificial grass is that it is meant to be permanent and your choice of supplier is an important decision. When choosing between different quality products and prices, it’s always good advice to ask for samples and take those samples from one supplier to another. First choose the quality and then once you have established a benchmark, then focus your attention on price.

-What amount of traffic will your turf be exposed to?
This is very important to know when choosing a product because if you select a product that is designed for low traffic, you will end up having to replace the worn and damaged artificial grass. Another very important point to remember is that if you choose a product that offer high traffic volumes, you will be giving up the comfort and feel of your artificial grass. The higher the traffic, the higher the durability of the artificial and with the higher durability comes less comfort.

check the quality of artificial grass
-What weather conditions will the artificial grass be exposed to?
Weather conditions do not play a big role is the choice of artificial grass but it can’t be ignored. If the surrounding area is prone to falling debris from trees or any other source, the maintenance has to be factored into your choice. Choosing a product that needs little maintenance over a product that may need many more hours of cleaning will make a big difference in the long term for you and your project. Find out how much maintenance is involved in the product that you are interested in and if you will need any future product purchases in order to maintain the quality of your artificial grass.

-What is the size of the area that needs to be covered?
The size of the area that is to be covered is also a factor that needs to be considered when choosing artificial grass. With all artificial grass products, maintenance costs as well as the cost per square metre has to be considered. Remember that a larger area won’t affect your price per square metre; it will however affect your upkeep costs. Low maintenance products are better suited for greater areas and especially when you don’t have the time or the money to hire a landscaping service to maintain your lawn.