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Non-infill Artificial Grass or Infill Artificial Grass,which one is better?

Infill Artificial Grass

Choosing Infill artificial grass or non-infill artificial grass? This is a question that we are asked frequently. Which one is better? First of all, we should understand why using artificial grass infill such as recycled tire rubber granules and quartz sands.

First, infill provides a structure for the artificial grass fibers, helping the fibers to stand.The fibers of a polyethylene turf naturally lay “flat” without the infill material.

The second purpose is to provide a “cushion” effect when stepping over the turf. This protects the roots of the yarn fibers and at the same time adding flexibility to the whole artificial turf system.

Generally speaking, infill artificial grass system could bear more traffic than non-infill artificial grass system under the same situation.

The following pictures showing how artificial football grass look before and after infill:

Infill artificial football grass system

It’s easy to put infill into the artificial grass. Use a common drop spreader or cast spreader. Once the material is spread over the turf, it is then brushed into the fibers with a stiff bristle broom.

Then what is non-infill artificial grass and why people choose it?

Currently, non-infill artificial grass refers to those artificial grass models with short pile height, narrow gauge (distance between rows) and high stitch rate. Some non-infill systems have underlay under the grass.

We mostly suggest infill artificial grass to our clients if they what to construct a football pitch, tennis court or some other sport applications.But these two years Sanmuse developed a professional non-infill artificial football grass. It performances as better and as durable as infilled football grass system. See picture as following:
Non infill football field turf

However, if you for residential using, if your yard contains severe slopes (gradual slopes are fine), if you want a play area for the kids and pets, if you what to put artificial grass around the swimming pool, then you might want to consider a non-infilled artificial grass.

Picture of our one model non-infill garden/playground synthetic grass. 
Non-infill Playground Grass
With our non-infilled artificial grass, you can install these products everywhere for both commercial and residential applications. Kids can tumble down the rolling hills in the backyard, no fear that they will put the rubber granules or sands into mouth; Its safer for pets without an increase in surface temperature; heavy foot traffic is not a problem and you never have to worry about maintenance due to infill. It is also especially important when installing around pool decks or indoor applications. No infill will get caught in your pool filters. And no mess when using it indoors.

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