We supply a one-stop service for customers. No mater you are a professional artificial grass installer, an artificial grass trader, a sport field owner or a home owner, you can get a specified solutions from us for your projects.

Cost to Import Artificial Grass?

Many people want to buy from turf factory directly with factory price to save cost. The import processes and cost may be headaches for customers who have never imported goods from other countries before. Here we somehow sort out the cost of importing artificial grass from us:

1. Cost of artificial grass.
Artificial grass cost is the largest part of the total cost. Team Sports Industry ltd. offers quite reasonable and competitive price to every customers. Contact us to get free quotation . The cooperation with us will save your money and time, and free from worry.
The artificial grass price you get may base on ex-factory, FOB, CFR, CIF or to an appointed place. Our sales will offer a proper solution to you according to your request or the specific condition.

2. Shipping cost
Shipping cost is another part of the cost to import artificial grass. Normally our artificial grass is 4 meter or 2 meter width, length as request, packed in rolls like carpet. The sizes and weights of the roll differ from different artificial turf lengths and artificial turf specifications. If there is no emergency artificial grass is always transported by sea.
To check the shipping cost and time we need you to provide your nearest sea port. We can arrange the shipping to you. Certainly you can also arrange the shipping by yourself.

3. Import duty and destination port charges
Import duty: Generally speaking, you need to pay import duty when you import goods from other countries. The import tariff is different in different countries. You can find the import tax rate on the related government department’s website, or consult with a customs broker/shipping agent (forwarder).
Port charges: It is a small part in the total cost of importing artificial grass. If we arrange the shipping, we can check the destination port charges for you. If you arrange the shipping by yourself, your shipping agent will offer the details to you.

4. Freight from the destination port to your place.
You can easily find this by calling a local transport company, but normally the forwarder at the destination port who do the customs clearance can arrange the local transport for you.
Now you know the cost to import artificial grass. The importing process seemed a little complex if you have no such experience before. But there are professional customs broker and forwarder to do the work for you. Even if you are a private customer who is going to buy artificial grass for your own small project, you can buy and import artificial grass from us. Just place the order to us, and waiting for the quality artificial grass coming!