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Buy Cheap Artificial Grass

Absolutely China made artificial grass does not mean cheap artificial grass, but we do have some artificial grass products which cheap prices. These affordable artificial grass products can be used for your special needs or budget.

 Does cheap artificial grass mean bad quality?

No, cheap artificial grass mean do not bad quality. As we know artificial grass can almost be used in all the conditions where real grass is used, for some areas have no much traffic, such as roof tops, event or temporary applications, landscaping areas, you can use some cheap grasses. The grass can last for a long time in such conditions. The materials, tuft process and coating of cheap artificial grass maybe same as luxury artificial grass, maybe just less thickness(such as carpet looking leisure artificial grass), less dense and less face weight, etc.

 Why is it cheap artificial grass? Can I buy Cheap artificial grass?

As mentioned above, cheap artificial grass does not mean bad quality.Why is this grass cheaper? Certainly because of the cost. Artificial grass contains two most important components: Fibers and Backing(including coating).  If same backing and density(also same Dtex), Low thickness(pile height) artificial grass needs less fiber matierals. If same thickness(pile height), less dense artificial grass needs less fiber materials. We use face weight to define how much materials the grass cost per square meter. So we can see less face weight, less cost, cheaper price.

To reduce the cost by less face weight, we can make artificial grass with shorter piles, or less density. For 5-a-side or 7-a-side football field, you can use 40mm-50mm pile height football grass. For 11-a-side football field, you can use 50mm-60mm pile height artificial grass, forgarden/playground/landscape areas, you can use 20mm-40mm artificial grass(30mm-40mm is better for playground). So if you have less budget and want to buy cheap artificial grass, less pile height in the range is a good choice for you. We can also change the stitch rate of the grass to adjust the price.

To buy cheap artificial grass, Please feel free to contact us. Our representative will give you give you proper and professional solutions and suggestions.