1SAMFor Soccer/Football

Football artificial grass turf are widely used around the world. There are several significant reasons to use artificial grass for soccer fields/football pitches(including five a side football pitches, futsal(Indoor soccer) fields, seven a side football fields, eleven a side football fields):Resistance to difficult climatic conditions.Ideal for covered or steep-sided stadia.Low maintenance costs. Artificial football grass field provides a longer playing hours natural natural grass.Multi-usage.Improved and consistent playing conditions.

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2SAM For Tennis/Basketball

With an all-weather artificial turf tennis court there’s simply more playing days in the year. Sports field turf for baseball has become such a growing trend that many colleges and universities’ teams the world have chosen to play their games on synthetic grass over natural grass.

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3SAM For Playground

When looking for safety, durability, and the perfect play surface for children, Sanmuse playground artificial grass is the way to go. Our playground artificial grass is safer, cleaner and softer than any other artificial or organic play surface including the best rubber playground surfacing.

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4SAMArtificial Turf Field Hockey Pitch

The game of hockey has become much faster and consequently, more popular. Players can now make fast passes with precise ball control. In fact, some rules have been amended and techniques refined to suit the new pace of the game. For instance, a hockey player can now try techniques like reverse stick trapping and hitting on an artificial hockey pitch. The shape of the hockey sticks has also undergone a change to produce optimum results whilst playing on an artificial surface.

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5SAMArtificial Turf Rugby Pitch

Mighty Rugby artificial grass is one of our new product specially designed for the rugby court. Thanks to the durability and softness of the grass, it meets the high requirement for the quality of the rugby court artificial grass, the soft surface helps prevent traumas such as head injuries due to tackling, falling and sliding, To guarantee the safety and durability, mighty R&D professionals have done thousands of tests on our artificial grass.

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6SAMFor Athletic Track

A natural, grass-like look with soft:Providing comfort and safety of the player, reduce skin friction, skin abrasion. High UV-resistance and temperature stability:Superior durability, anti-aging and offers a high level of protection against wear. Low maintenance/reduced maintenance cost:No watering, fertilization, no weeding, lawnmower insect-resistance. Color Customized:Various colors can be customized according your requirement.

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7SAMArtificial Turf Paintball Field

The advantages of artificial grass for paintball field : 1.artificial grass for paintball field 2.Affordable paintball turf 3.Durabllawne artificial turf 4.Easy install turf.

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8SAMFor Pets

Advantage Natural looking Our professional technology made the plastic grass like the real one. Soft hand feeling Provide you comfort and softness, protect your skin from the bruises, guarantee the safety of kids. Excellent rebound resilience Meet the requirements of force absorption, ball rolling and ball bouncing properties. High UV-resistance and temperature stability Good water permeability and environmental friendly.

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906For Golf

Home and backyard synthetic putting greens are quickly becoming the perfect way to entertain and perfect your golf game either outdoor or indoor! Our synthetic putting/golf green artificial grass is made to last with less maintenance than real grass, without looking fake.

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1006High quality indoor mini golf equipment,golf putting trainer

Home and backyard synthetic putting greens are quickly becoming the perfect way to entertain and perfect your golf game either outdoor or indoor!

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